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Supplements and Herbs

Plant Medicine

In pregnancy, certain plants are used for their nutritive and medicinal properties, without the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

optimal nutrition


Your baby relies on you for the building blocks necessary to make a healthy body. Eating a rainbow in pregnancy ensures a good variety of nutrients to keep you and baby healthy.

Yoga and healthy movement

Birth Preparation

Birth is a transformative experience.  Learn about the physiologic process of birth and how to optimize your natural ability to give birth.  Connect with your baby and tap into your inner strength and guidance.



At home, your baby is born into an environment of familiar microbes. Starting life with a healthy microbiome can increase their lifelong well-being and reduce the risk of many dis-eases.


Undisturbed Birth

In birth our body is performing an intricate dance of hormones.  Giving birth where we feel comfortable and safe increases our body's natural pain relief and hormonal harmony.  This greatly reduces the need for pain meds or intervention.

connection and support


We encourage family involvement in labor.  Older siblings and partners often provide key physical and emotional support.  Throughout your pregnancy, you will have deepened your relationship with your midwives through un-rushed prenatal visits.

postpartum healing


We provide you with guidance to support optimal nutrition and healing after you give birth.  We offer individual herbal remedies as well as options for placenta encapsulation to speed recovery.

During pregnancy we can assist you in creating your postpartum support plan and build your community.



Breastmilk provides optimal nutrition for babies and many long term health benefits.  Breastfeeding your baby also increases your health and well-being.  Getting early lactation support can be key in maintaining milk supply and reaching your nursing goals.

older siblings children family


Welcoming a new family member and integrating them and your birth experience is personally transformative.  We share supportive practices regarding co-sleeping, sibling relations and baby care.

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