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Lactation Consultation

Early breastfeeding support can help you to succeed in reaching your long-term breastfeeding goals.  Unfortunately, many women have never seen a mother breastfeed before they give birth themselves.  While nursing your baby is largely an instinctual process, there are tips and adjustments which can ease pain and increase milk production.  Early discovery of tongue and lip-ties can make a huge difference in your experience and your baby's milk transfer.


Many special circumstances benefit from the support of a lactation consultant; including tandem nursing, feeding a premature baby mother's milk, navigating tongue/lip/buccal ties, and breastfeeding twins.

I'm available for home-visits or visiting you in your birthing location.  During each visit we take time to discuss your birth and holisitc well-being, in addition to assessing and working towards your breastfeeding goals.

tandem nursing breastfeeding lactation
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