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Virtual Midwifery

Access to midwifery care throughout the world is variable.  For women who do not have a local option for holisitc care, or a midwife who resonates with their needs, virtual midwifery care during the prenatal and/or postpartum period can be a supportive option; whether you're preparing for a freebirth, home, or hospital birth.  During distance visits we can work together to optimize your physiologic well-being, while also addressing your social and emotional health.  Topics of care can include: nutrition, movement, supplemental/herbal support, relationships, informed choice, physiologic birth and postpartum education, integrating baby with older siblings, personal transformation, creation and navigation of birthing and postpartum plans, birth rights and informed consent, and breastfeeding. 

Birth Story/Trauma Debrief

Our birth stories go deep and stay with us throughout our lifetimes.  They can be a source of confidence and strength or confusion and pain; and sometimes both at the same time.  Unfortunately, modern obstetrics and medicalized midwifery are structured in a fear-based paradigm, which leads to management of a normal physiologic process using high-risk interventions in efforts to control nature.  Natural well-being has a large range of normal which medical management efforts to hold within tight protocols, pathologizing even the healthy outliers.  We, as a culture, have forgotten what "normal" is; and evidence-based medicine only has institutionalized birth as the "control group" in their studies.

This forgetting, along with the lack of informed consent and respecting the rights of women, has led to many painful and traumatic birth stories, even when a healthy baby was the outcome.  Telling your story and working with the feelings involved can be the beginning of the path to healing.


I enjoy working with women before they become pregnant; whether you have been trying to conceive and have been experiencing challenges or would just like to bolster your health before conception.  We can work together in identifying underlying causes of dis-ease or depletion and create an individualized plan towards optimal wellness.  This may include ordering and assessing labwork or referral to supportive practitioners.  Fertility awareness and cycle charting; as well as an honest inquiry into your current nutrition are foundational.

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