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"A Midwife must possess the hands of a lady, the eyes of a hawk, and the heart of a lion" ~ Aristotle


Shauna Kenealey
Holistic Midwife & Lactation Consultant

I have studied pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, holistic health, and early childhood development for two decades.

I became a midwife because of my fascination with the human body, authentic relationships, and the magic of creating another being.

I remain a midwife because I see what an enormous difference a respectful, patient midwife can make in a family's experience welcoming their new member.

I am deeply committed to supporting each woman's choices of how they want to grow and birth their baby.

Every family whom I work with teaches me; and I am continuously humbled.

What is a midwife? (my personal working definition)

A midwife is a consultant, a guide, a companion, a mentor, a resource.  She sees wisdom in nature and supports the natural process.  A midwife believes in women and fiercely protects a woman’s right to make choices regarding herself and her baby.  A midwife walks with you on your journey; she is not above you, she is not “in-charge” of you.  She can offer information she gathers through intuition, conversation, taking your physical/emotional/spiritual history, physical assessment, as you choose.  A midwife has studied for many years; lifestyle wellness, nutrition and herbalism.  Holistic midwifery incorporates mind, body, and spirit well-being.  A midwife is an expert on healthy, physiologic pregnancy, birth and postpartum; including normal variations of rhythm and time, breech presentation and twins.  A midwife has learned when an undisturbed birth may be deviating from normal physiology and tools to assist in return to well-being.  A midwife communicates openly and honestly. A midwife has done and continues deep inner personal work to be available in the self-less capacity which birth work often demands.  A midwife takes good care of herself so that she can care for others. 

  • Graduated from Birthingway College of Midwifery with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (The only in-person midwifery school devoted to physiologic birth and holistic well-being)

  • Extensive Education in Plant Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Communication

  • Became a Certified Professional Midwife through North American Registry of Midwives

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • Continuing education every year including all aspects of physiologic birth, pre/perinatal psychology, twin and breech vaginal birth, prenatal yoga, and lactation

  • One year of teacher training with Micha-el Institute (Waldorf Education/Anthroposophy)

  • Surya Soma 200 hour yoga instructor training

  • Current in Neonatal Resuscitation Program and Basic Life Support certifications

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