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When labor begins, we encourage you to listen to your body – rest if you are tired, eat if you are hungry, and move if you are restless. We have learned from experience that women know instinctively what to do to get their babies born. If we think that a change may be helpful, we gently provide suggestions. We know that each labor unfolds in its own unique way, at its own unique pace and we honor the wisdom of you and your baby.  Undisturbed birth is most conducive to optimal hormonal function and increases safety for mother and baby.  We strive to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, with dim lighting and minimal interference throughout the labor and birth.  If you or your partner would like to receive your baby, we support this.  Once you give birth to your baby(babies), we continue to maintain this atmosphere. Family bonding takes precedence over all other needs, including examination of you or your baby unless the need to investigate the well-being of either is necessary.  After you and your family have had time to meet your new family member, we can perform any follow-up care that you or baby may need. We clean up, pack our bags, and take our leave once you and baby are fed and nestled into bed, usually 3-4 hours postpartum.

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