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Becky's Story

The birth of my fourth child, and my first son, was one that I will never forget and was made such an amazing experience, with the support of my family and midwives. Ethan’s was my second all natural birth, but first to deliver at home.  Having a home birth was something that I really wanted and with this being my last baby, something I look back on now and wish I had done with all of them. 

My first two babies were induced for being a few days overdue without signs of labor or medical necessity and I had epidurals to deal with the pain of artificial labor.  I could not feel my legs, nor feel pushing, which led to what I felt was an awkward birth, painful recovery and being left with a feeling of being defeated and thinking my body was not capable of going into labor or giving birth naturally. With my third baby, I went in knowing I would have an all-natural labor and delivery and I did deliver per my wishes in the hospital.  It was a better experience and I was so proud to have accomplished this. With this last baby, I knew 200% I was not stepping foot in a hospital and would let my body do what it instinctively knows how to do. 

Shauna and her apprentice were amazing at helping me with nutrition, supplement and herbal advice as well as a sound and strong place of comfort when my baby went unexpectedly overdue. As I reached 7, 10, 12 days overdue, my anxiety was through the roof as I was thinking, what is next? How long will they let me go overdue? Will I end up in the hospital being induced again?  We tried all the things, and the baby was stubborn, but Shauna was always reassuring me that the baby would come when ready and to trust the process. I’m beyond grateful and glad I did!  I had a few bouts of pre labor that stalled, but at 13 days past due, I knew the pre labor was turning to something stronger. 

I called Shauna and she was here with the team in one hour. They set everything up and were such a calming presence.  Labor for me is very intimate and internal. I go inside myself and don’t need comfort or touch. The midwives checked in on me but gave me the space I needed.  At this point, contractions were coming on strong, but I was still not thinking it would happen so fast. I got in the birthing tub and within two contractions my water broke.  From there, my baby was born fast and within a few contractions… all of this happening an hour after the midwives arrived.  I was able to pull my son out of the water and instantly put him on my chest. 

All of this happening in the comforts of our large bedroom with my three daughters and husband in the room. It was such an intense, amazing, beautiful experience and one that I cherish. Ethan was a big boy of 10lbs 5oz!  The absolute best part was being able to go straight to my own bed and allow our family to bond with our new addition quickly and naturally. My oldest daughter was able to cut the cord and the girls learned about the placenta.  It was like a mini science class for them! Using my own shower, my own clothes and bedding, my own food, and supplements was so important to me and this is something you can’t put a price on or words to explain.  I am eternally grateful for my experience, and to Shauna and the assisting midwives for supporting my homebirth dreams to come true. With labor, we must trust our bodies and the process and in turn it is the most rewarding experience one can have!

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